When it comes to choosing a solicitor for buying a house in Brisbane, it seems everyone has a different opinion.  Some people swear by using a solicitor.  Yet, some people are happy to go with a property conveyancer.  And some people will even go to the trouble to do it themselves.  The best advice that is that you choose a professional solicitor, with the experience to do it right.  When you find the house of your dreams, or an investment property, then it makes sense to reduce your risk as much as possible by hiring the best expert to assist..

Stick with the professionals

The thing about investing in real estate is that most of us don’t get to do it very often!  No matter how large or small your property portfolio is, you can never be the expert at everything.  It is normal to use a professional real estate agent to buy and sell property.  When it comes to choosing as mortgage broker, it is hard to match the experience and contacts that Wendy de Graaf has built up over a number of years.  And similarly with the choice of property solicitor.  It pays to choose a qualified property solicitor for a hassle free transaction.

What does a property solicitor do?

A property solicitor for buying a house is actually a legal expert who specialises in the process of property conveyancing.  Unlike most places in Australia, in Queensland, a property conveyancer is known as a solicitor.  So when it comes time to use a conveyancer, it is time to choose a property solicitor for buying a house in Brisbane. A property solicitor should handle all of the legal issues on your behalf.  For example, you can request that your property solicitor check over the sale contract to make sure there are no hidden clauses.

A property solicitor for title searches

A property solicitor will also request the title searches that need to be performed during the contractual period.  It is important to conduct a title search on a property prior to settlement of the contract.  It is important to check that the owner of the property is the correct owner on the title of the property.  Once all of the title searches are completed, your solicitor can help to explain the meanings of each of the legal and contractual issues.  These title searches can also help you to understand the nature of any constraints on the property.  Constraints can be features such as easements, encroachments, liens, encumbrances or covenants on the property.  You don’t want to be surprised to discover that there is a development covenant that prevents you from painting your front door in the colour of your choice.  It can happen!

It pays to discover as much as possible about the title and the property before the contract becomes unconditional!

The benefit of choosing a solicitor for buying a house in Brisbane

Assuming the contract of sale for the property goes smoothly, the property solicitor will be preparing all the legal documents for the settlement.  At the same time, the mortgage broker will be preparing all of the loan and mortgage paperwork.  All of this has to be ready in time for “the big day”.  The actual transaction of the sale of a property is known as the settlement.  This is the time when the solicitors of both the seller and the buyer come together to “settle” on the property.

Choose a property solicitor for a smooth transaction

Qualified solicitors know how to conduct all of the legal transactions for buying and selling a house.  On the day of settlement of the contract, it is the responsibility of the solicitor to make sure all of the paperwork is in order.  The solicitor is responsible for meeting with the solicitor from the other party.  Between them, they will handle the transaction process.  The settlement of the sale of the property involves completing the transfer of the title.  Settlement includes handling the final payment, and settling all financial matters such as rates and taxes.  The solicitors will exchange all of the legal documentation, including the title of the property.  They will ensure that the correct amount of deposit and purchase price have been transacted.  There is nothing else for you to do, but plan for the big moving day!

When you choose a good solicitor for buying a house, the good news is that you don’t even have to be there!